What We Do

Ensemble Management Consulting is a premier training and consulting firm focused on helping teams and organizations achieve success through Commitment-Based Project Management (CBPM).  Ensemble has been teaching and helping to implement CBPM for over 15 years to well-known multi-nationals as well as smaller teams and companies.  We  teach, we coach, we travel, we learn, we reflect and we often have fun while we are striving to make a positive impact on the world. what is the best usa online casino

The services offered by Ensemble range from training to hands-on engagement.  Ensemble has designed and offers CBPM Workshops that test participant assumptions about how and why things get done and provide practice with specific CBPM knowledge and techniques..  ALL WORKSHOPS INCLUDE Coaching Services to help participants put CBPM into practice successfully the first time, as well as CBPM Tracking Tools and Job Aids.  Ensemble also offers hands-on consulting for organizations who want more help integrating commitment-based practices into their culture.

The information and resources we’ve compiled, and continue to expand, will serve not only as an introduction but also as a community for ongoing practitioners of CBPM.  We believe the world is ready for a new convention of management.  We invite you to help us determine if the commitment-based way of working can become what the world is looking for. top microgaming online casino