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Consulting Testimonials

“The CBPM approach to project management is liberating, both for the project manager as well as for the team members. The switch to deliverables focus versus activities/tasks focus takes out much of the overhead that traditional project management requires, freeing up that time to devote to on-time, quality development of the project’s deliverables. None of the project’s success is compromised in doing this, in fact, I believe success is enhanced by using CBPM along with its simple rules, reporting and metrics guidelines.”

– Don Lee,
Managing Partner, IT Business Engineering

“We’ve been using Commitment-Based Project Management since 2005. Team members strongly support the process since they, the experts in their respective fields, are now empowered to plan and execute the details of every product development effort. This has resulted in an extraordinary record of first iteration design successes and has allowed the release of more product with limited resources.”

– Jim Wilder
Director, Product Engineering
Entorian Technologies (formerly Staktek)

“By applying the [CBPM] concepts in [Timm’s book]“No Surprises Project Management”  we’ve been extremely successful in delivering what the customer needed, on time, on budget. The focus on commitments (deliverables) ensures everyone understands who needs to deliver what, to whom, when, and with what expected quality. Gantt charts obscure the critical deliverables by focusing on the activities. The tools in “No Surprises Project Management” are much more effective than Gantt charts.”

– Jose Solera, PMP
IT Program Director
Symantec Corporation
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“The “No Surprises” approach has greatly improved our delivery predictability and allowed us to scale our development organization. Those teams that quickly adapted to the method took control of their projects, were able to measure their progress and rapidly resolve issues resulting in success for them and their projects.” real money slots on iphone

– Chris Gunner
SVP Research and Development
Avici Systems Inc.
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Ensemble Management Consulting’s performance systems have had a profound impact on our organization. We have practiced these concepts for over two years and in every measurable category of performance we have experienced marked improvements. Our team is united, our goals are aligned and our performance, even during a difficult economy, has been remarkable. 

– Phil Lundberg
VP/Director, Phoenix Campuses
University of Phoenix
Everything is going well – CBPM and the techniques you taught us about having 5-7 goals quarterly and delegating more work to employees have helped – Our new fiber optics manufacturing business recently got its first international order!

– Faize Akcaba
Akcaba Communications
Northern Cyprus
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