Success Stories

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High Tech Software Development

A company that designs and produces internet routers wanted to perform as well as possible to customer requirements and delivery request dates in this rapid changing market. They agreed to pilot the No Surprises approach on a software intensive release. After team planning meetings were held at both the overall release level and for several component projects, each team began using the commitment-based monitoring tools. Initially, teams had challenges following the method to the letter because requirements were relatively unstable and because of the technical uncertainty associated with debugging the software before it goes into production. usa gambling casino locations

In spite of these challenges, focus groups revealed that both senior management and the team members sensed increased control and predictability throughout the pilot program. More concretely, for the first time, the team delivered the release to its key customers a week prior to the requested delivery date. Quality was also measurably improved. The initial software code had less than half the number of significant bugs per 1000 lines of code than the code of the most recent previous program. And prior to testing, the code booted immediately and ran for 15 hours straight on the “stress rig” ( it had been typical on prior releases to take a day or two to get initial code booted up). The company is implementing the lessons learned from this pilot on other development programs and continues to learn and improve.

Update Spring 2002: “Execution to New Product Development” is sited on page 1 of this company’s 2002 Annual Report as one of its top accomplishments for the year.

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