Success Stories

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Leading Edge Electronics Product Development

A team chartered to develop a new product that combined broadcast technology with personal computer technology decided to adopt commitment-based product development during the definition stages of their project. The first team planning meeting was attended by a large marketing contingent with representatives from the design and test engineering functions. A commitment-based plan and deliverables matrix was defined based on current assumptions about the market and direction of the technologies.

About two months later, the team had completed over 90% of its marketing deliverables on time (see the Performance Against Commitment or PAC chart below). However, the rapid marketing work had revealed that the team was focusing on the wrong product. The team was disbanded and resources were allocated to other projects that were much closer to delivering products. The response of both the team members and top management were very positive. The rapid front end had prevented several man-years of engineering a product that wouldn’t have been successful.

Performance Against Commitment (PAC) Chart

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