Will CBPM Fit With our Culture?

Workshop Feedback

Here are a few comments taken from recent CBPM Public and In-house Workshop evaluation forms.


The most important concepts I learned were the tools that will help streamline meetings; The use of request language to enroll people in a commitment; and how to address a breakdown when a commitment is not met.

I really like the mindset of moving from action based tasks to deliverables and the process of getting commitments from the team rather than just handing out assignments and expecting people to do them.

For me, it was important to learn about how trust is developed by making and meeting commitments.

Every organization I’ve interacted with over the last 40 years would benefit from the recommended shift to commitments instead of focusing on activities.

The blend of theory and practice was a good balance.  The reduction of the concepts to a few simple rules and simple tools was great.

I loved the focus on deliverables rather than tasks, how commitments are made and met through our relationships with each other-it’s all about people! usa gambling casino locations

This (CBPM) is very timely and needed to break old paradigms.

I really liked and will use the Deliverables matrix in my project meetings!

The tools presented are powerful.

My coach was a very active and engaged listener.  He offered up alternate options/approaches on how the methodology was being used and how greater results could be achieved.  He remained supportive throughout the process and asked very probing questions.  It was a very positive experience.

Summary Data

  • 90% of our workshop attendees say that they will recommend CBPM to others in their organization
  • 79% have said the CBPM concepts will definitely fit into their organization’s way of doing projects.
  • 74% of report that they will be able to immediately apply the concepts and viewed the coaching as integral to making CBPM successful.
  • 60% of our attendees say that the CBPM tools were one of the most important takeaways from the workshop.  “I will definitely use these in my team meetings!”
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