Upcoming Workshops

"Accelerating Projects with Commitment-based Management" one day introductory workshop, April 20th in Toronto, Canada. A great value at $450.  This workshop is sponsored by the International Society of Performance Improvement (ISPI) and all registrations for the April 20th workshop need to go through ISPI. Click here, Ensemble's workshop is at the bottom of the page, registration form is at the top.

October 2011 Newsletter

This CBPM Newsletter is intended to keep you in the loop about the emerging practice of commitment based management, especially as it applies to projects. It is sponsored by the partners of Ensemble Management Consulting, thought leader's and practitioners since the mid-90's.
Ensemble is pleased to announce our new website. We hope you will use it as a resource to learn more about CBPM, and we welcome you to contribute to the dialogue. We at Ensemble are dedicated to the notion that the best management practices result in both excellent performance and fully engaged teams. We will be offering several open enrollment CBPM Workshops yearly starting in February 2012. To ensure that you get off to a good start with CBPM on your next project, all Ensemble "Workshops" include follow-on coaching, access to our CBPM Commitment Tracking Tools, professionally developed performance aids to assist you as you apply the practices, and a follow up session with your workshop colleagues to share learnings and help you plan forward. Click here to learn more and/or register at our "very early", discounted rate. We continue to offer consulting to accelerate your projects and help you create a culture of commitment in your organization. And, we have a brand new offering - the easiest way to get a sense of CBPM and if it is right for you and your team. We call it Stand Alone Coaching and it involves one on one phone or video conferencing for project managers as well as free access to our CBPM Commitment Tracking Tool. Learn more about our Stand Alone Coaching offering at our website or contact us for more information and pricing.
Do You Know the Golden Rule of Project Reporting?

The tools and technology for project reporting and analysis continue to get more sophisticated. Are sophisticated (and often complicated) tools the key differentiator for project success or failure? We at Ensemble think not. Tools are helpful - the easier they are to use and apply the better - but even good tools won't make the difference for teams who do not follow the Golden Reporting Rule. Read more...

CBPM Around The World
In September, Timm gave a keynote talk to over 1500 people at the HRD Korea Conference in Seoul, South Korea. Timm spoke on what is changing in the global marketplace and how it drives the need for managing the network of commitments in every organization. Timm was honored to also be featured on the cover of the September issue of HRD Korea Magazine. Click here to read the short article Timm contributed to the magazine. The trip included additional invited talks at one of Korea's best known corporations and at a successful Korean consulting company.
Before leaving Korea, Timm experienced the Zen Korean Buddhist way of life during a two day Temple stay at beautiful Sudeoksa Monastery. Now that is a life of commitment! 10 days later, Timm was co-presenting CBPM with his European colleagues at the International Society of Performance Improvement (ISPI) conference in Skopje, Macedonia. This presentation included an overview of CBPM, a quick map day project planning simulation, plus the results of the project management capacity building program (which used CBPM) in Northern Cyprus in 2010. There was keen interest from the international development (e.g. US Aid, NGOs) domain and Timm and his colleagues have been asked to run a CBPM workshop at the 2012 conference in Lisbon.