April 2013 Newsletter

April 2013

Register Now for The Complete CBPM Workshop – May 29-30, Sunnyvale, CA

Join us at the end of May to get everything you need to get started implementing CBPM on your current/next project…
  • A new perspective on how to plan and monitor projects virtual blackjack online
  • Why language matters and new language to manage projects
  • A step by step method you can begin implementing on your projects right away.
  • Job aids to help you remember the CBPM steps back on the job
  • An Excel-based CBPM toolset
  • 4 hours of phone coaching over 12 weeks from an experienced CBPM Coach
  • A follow up sharing session to benefit from lessons learned by others during implementation.
  • An approach to leading teams proven to improve productivity and reduce surprises and panic mode.
  • CBPM Certification if you meet the performance-based criteria
  • Timm’s book No Surprises Project Management and Who Will Do What By When by Hanson and Hanson.
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All of this is included in The Complete CBPM workshop.Click here to see the course outline and more at our registration page..
Register now and get your Early bird discount, or contact us for an even bigger group discount for 3 or more signups from the same organization.

Newly CBPM Certified Project Manager Bill Sanders

Bill earned his CBPM certification by helping manage consecutive projects to put on Conferences/Expos
with over 10,000 attendees. The client had recently merged two separate event planning organizations. They needed to collaborate on these conferences but they were still acting like competing organizations. As a result, when Bill got involved 3.5 of the typical 8 months to plan these months had been wasted. Map Day was used to get many contributors from both organizations planning together. The Map Days
went so well Bill was hired to run the projects to conclusion. Over 100 team deliverables later, the first Conference Expo was implemented without the normal crunch time during the final days. As evidenced by the PAC chart, about 10% of deliverables were delayed early in the project. Most of these were determined “nice to have” and dropped with sponsor permission. From that point on the team met nearly every commitment it made to finish on time. Bill is the founding Principal of Roebling Strauss, Inc., a digital project and management consultancy.


Blog: Easing Into Agile

As CBPM was evolving in the late 1990’s, it was encouraging to see other methods emerging with similar principles to address similar issues in the project environment. Visionary software developers in particular were recognizing that they did not need to stay within the confines of PM practices that had evolved to produce skyscrapers and nuclear submarines. The flexible nature of software created demand for – and the opportunity for – changes to the final product throughout development. But traditional PM practices were hindering the ability to react effectively to customer inputs and putting unnecessary constraints on team communication and coordination. Out of this recognition came  Extreme Programming, Agile Scrum and other agile methods.These methods are encouraging and exciting for all of us who appreciate team and organizational effectiveness, but they are somewhat specific to software environments, and require an up front commitment to organize differently to get the work done. Outside of software, most projects cannot do weekly or monthly builds, and even many software environments are daunted by the notion of making the leap to Agile. Even in the software development space, most software is part of a larger deliverable, so how do you maintain agility while coordinating with the non-software parts? Click here to read more.

Recent and Upcoming CBPM Events

We’ve been busy teaching and spreading the word about CBPM. Over 170 people registered for our webinar “Being Agile without Using Agile” this past week, sponsored by cPrime. Ray Huddock helped us produce a short video called “What is Control?”, so that we could include our control demonstration in the webinar. Through our registration survey we learned that over 50% of respondents work on projects where at least 30% of the team members are disbursed (not co-located). A growing challenge that we hope to address with our “Virtual Map Day” internet app.
In April we taught an in-house workshop in Houston after orienting the manager’s of the workshop participants. Later that week, Timm ran a one day workshop for training and performance professionals at the annual International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) Conference in Reno NV. Combined these workshops resulted in another 25 plus PMs committed to put CBPM into action and report on their experience. Many of them will be helped by an Ensemble CBPM Coach.In Reno, Timm also made an invited talk to 30 Korean attendees to the ISPI Conference, organized by the Korean Management Association. Timm was also in San Diego this month sharing CBPM with INCOSE, the professional Society of Systems Engineering.

* Photos Above Courtesy of Lila Sparks-Daniels

Upcoming Events

May 21, Timm will be speaking at a combined meeting of the Arizona Chapters of the International Evaluation and Test Association (ITEA) and INCOSE. Watch the Arizona ITEA website for details (Note: it is supposed to emerge from construction this week). Let us know if you are interested in having Timm come introduce CBPM to your group or organization.

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