December 2014 Newsletter

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Not In My Estimation…
A colleague recently sent me PwC’s Third Global Survey on the Current State of Project Management.  The survey collects opinions from mostly practicing PMs and program managers from around the world.  One of the main conclusions of the report  is that “poor estimation during the planning phase continues to be the largest contributor to project failures.”This conclusion immediately struck me as nonsensical, but I wasn’t exactly sure why.  I decided to use this blog to further examine this conclusion and try to sort it out.The conclusion implies to me that many projects begin by estimating the future project’s duration (probably true) and that that the inaccuracy of these estimates then cause that project to fail.  This further implies that more accurate estimations during the planning phase would cause projects to succeed.  This would seem to make the following a valid statement..

“How come this project is performing so poorly?”

“Because, before we started, we came up with a poor estimate.” roulette betting

I immediately think back to projects I have known.  A few years ago we did a major remodel to our home.  The contractor’s schedule and budget estimates were off by over 40%.  One big reason was because the contractor installed the wrong floor tile throughout the house while we were out of town.  It caused delays not only for the demo and re-installation but for a substantial period of determining a fair way to address the cost overrun.  This contributed greatly to the eventual inaccuracy of the time and budget estimates.  But clearly the estimates did not cause the breakdown in communication that led to exceeding those estimates. To read more click HERE.

First CBPM Online Course Launched at
Just before Thanksgiving, Ensemble launched the first online course on Commitment-Based Project Management.  Already more than 350 people have enrolled in the course (though many of those have not started viewing the course yet). This first course is free and provides a brief overview of CBPM with just a few brief exercises.  The platform requires mostly video for delivery of content, but we plan to get creative and build more practice and feedback into the second course.  That course will help you shift your regular project meetings to be consistent with the simple CBPM rules.  We fully expect the typical team to notice improvements in focus and meeting efficiency as a result.If you’d like a refresher on exactly what CBPM is, or if you’d like to share CBPM with a friend, this is a fast and free way to accomplish that.  Again, the first course is completely free!! Click HERE to get more information. top blackjack

Herding Cats That Are Not Co-located?
It is always valuable to get teams together in person, especially in the early stages of a project.  But these days, it is just not always possible.  Many project teams are spreadacross countries and even continents. Ensemble is testing a tool that structures the team’s planning and monitoring conversations.  It does not replace the face to face meeting, but it helps.  We are looking for a couple teams of 12 or less people to continue testing this tool.  It is a big plus if the leader is already familiar with our map day process, but if your team qualifies, you will get some free coaching on the process as well as the tool.

If you are interested Contact Us through our contact page here at

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