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“Managing Human Resources in the Age of Innovation” Keynote presentation at the 2011 HRD Korea Conference in Seoul, South Korea, September 8 2011.  Abbreviated ppt slides available. uk bingo sites with deposit bonus

“Agile is not only for Software Projects (Getting Agile Right the First Time)”  Presented with Jose Solera. Journyx Webinar, February and March, 2011.

“What is the Essence of Performance Management?” PDL Colleague Conference, Phoenix Arizona, October, 2010.

“Getting Things Done Well in a Project Environment” Albuquerque New Mexico ISPI Chapter Annual Conference, March 2010.

“No Surprises Project Management: An Opportunity for Strategic Impact with your Client Organizations” LG Academy, South Korea. October, 2007.

“Three Imperatives for Preventing High Stakes Project Surprises” LG Chem R&D, Seoul South Korea, October, 2007.

“Process Improvement with Human Performance Technology” Integrated Design and Process Technology conference, San Diego, June 2006.

“Making R&D Pay Off: Improving the Reliability and Results of Product Development”, LG HPT Affiliate Team, Dallas TX, April 2006. what is the best usa online casino

“Substance Vs Style: Attracting and Keeping the Best Talent” MUWIT Conference, Berlin, Germany, May 2005.

“Commitment-Based Project Management”, Project Management Institute Chapter, Sacramento CA, March, 2004.  (Quote forwarded from host: "Timm was the best speaker we have ever had at our dinner meetings".)

“Three Management Imperatives for Preventing Surprises”, Boeing Leadership Center, St. Louis, January 2004. us online casino sites

“Pre-Mesopotamian Lessons for Sustainable Performance”, ISPI Europe, Chantilly, France, September 2003.

“Commitment-Based Project Management”, PMI Chapter, Phoenix AZ, October 2003 usa gambling casino locations

Top 10 Reasons Organizations Need Systemic Performance Improvement – NOW!, Toronto Chapter, Int’l society of Performance Improvement, October, 2002.

The Acceptable Lie and Other Artifacts of Performance Under Pressure, Silicon Valley ISPI, San Jose, CA, September, 1999 (w/Ted Kastelic)

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  1. Yudith - Reply
    February 8, 2012 winpalace us

    I like the blog – thank you for psoting. But I have a question about pushing as mentioned in the Tao and in your post: if the PM does not push – how do you expedite when the schedule slips? Does not pushing mean that you just flow like water and try to see if there are alternatives to getting the work done within the same constraints – a change in words (which can result in a completely different atmosphere)?Thanks againTryllid wheel of fortune casino game online

  2. Timm J. Esque - Reply
    February 21, 2012

    There is a concept in Taoism called Wu Wei – sometimes translated as action through inaction. I don’t think pushing is consistent with this concept. When we feel the need to push others, we have run out of ideas to reason with them.
    Team members on a project generally want the project to succeed as much as the PM. They need to understand what they specifically need to produce to support success and who is depending on them. They need to know that every team member is holding the other’s accountable, not just the PM. When the PM puts these things in place, pushing is not necessary (and doesn’t help anyway).
    The closest productive thing to pushing that PMs can do is clearly communicate a challenging and worthy project goal, and then follow through on disciplined CBPM practices.

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