• Acceleration

    Delivering the right outputs at the right time and cost continues to be a major challenge in our ever more turbulent global marketplace. For over 15 years, Ensemble has been helping high stakes projects teams do what they say they will with our Project Acceleration consulting.

  • Workshops

    Ensemble offers Intact Team (In-House) and Open Enrollment Workshops designed to provide project managers, team leaders and program managers what they need to get started implementing CBPM for better project results.

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  • Coaching

    Coaching Because we are serious about helping you get better results with CBPM, all of our workshops include 4 hours of follow up coaching.  We also offer stand-alone CBPM coaching for individuals who would like to try out CBPM even before attending a CBPM Workshop.  With stand-alone coaching you receive our CBPM Commitment Tracking Tool […]

  • Tools

    CBPM Commitment Tracking Tools CBPM follows the same fundamental structure of other project management approaches, but it’s power comes from different conversations, different language and a few critically different practices.  To support these differences, we have our own  toolset for CBPM monitoring and reporting purposes.  These tools can be used instead of, or in addition […]

  • Certifications

    Ensemble and ISPI Partner on “Performance-Based” Certification Managing through commitments is an emerging competence.  Given its track record of producing measurable improvements in performance for nearly 20 years now, we expect it to be a competence in high demand in the not too distant future.  So we’ve begun offering a credential which certifies that you […]

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