Training does not necessarily equal improved project performance.  Ensemble is committed to improved performance, so our “Workshops” include much more than just training…

 The Ensemble Experience

Ensemble CBPM workshops go beyond training and help you embrace CBPM in practice.  All workshop attendees are supported with one on one coaching during the six weeks following a workshop to help them get an effective start with the CBPM tools and  practices back on the job.   After this period, all attendees are invited to an online “closing session” to share experiences and discuss keeping CBPM going in their organizations.  We are committed to your success with CBPM.

Ensemble offers Intact Team (In-House) and Open Enrollment Workshops designed to provide project managers, team leaders and program managers what they need to get started implementing Commitment-Based Project Management (CBPM) for better project results.

Intact Team (In-House) Workshops

At Ensemble, we believe that intact team workshops with follow up coaching are our most powerful way to help organizations adopt Commitment-Based Project Management (CBPM).  Because this approach begins with education, participants choose and ultimately take responsibility for making CBPM work in their organization.  Organizations can also choose to involve key stakeholders of their projects in the workshops so that they understand the changes being implemented on projects and can support positive change.

Both of our workshops are offered on an Intact Team basis:

CBPM for Project Leaders (one day workshop)
The Complete CBPM Course (two day workshop)

The main target audience of each course are project managers and team leaders, but intact team implementations often include some team members, program managers, other functional managers, etc.  Click here to read feedback from past workshop participants. virtual blackjack online

Both workshops are highly participative and include a group simulation exercise which creates a safe environment in which to practice and learn about CBPM.

Ensemble will work with you to design an intact team experience that meets your specific CBPM objectives.  Typically the intact team experience includes: roulette betting

  • provided pre-reading,
  • a specified number of workshops with participant materials slot casino us players
  • follow up coaching for some or all participants,
  • access to the CBPM Commitment Tracking Tool for some or all participants,
  • job aid documents to also help with on job implementation,
  • closing session after conclusion of coaching to highlight lessons learned so far
  • additional literature for each participant (books, articles, etc.)

Open Enrollment Workshops

Ensemble offers the same two CBPM Workshops on a periodic open enrollment basis, where individuals and small groups of colleagues can get introduced to and learn what they need to start practicing CBPM on their own teams.  Sign up for an upcoming workshop now and be one of the first people in your organizations to put CBPM into practice.  Open Enrollment workshops are limited to 25 people.  The group simulations will ensure that you meet others dealing with similar challenges across a range of industries and sectors.  View our schedule of upcoming workshops.

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