CBPM for Project Leaders

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The Challenge

Projects take too long and often don’t deliver exactly what was requested (or in some cases, demanded).  Teams are under pressure to work seamlessly together, even though they report to several different departments, or even different enterprises, with different goals.  Team leaders are under pressure to speed the team up but also respond to change requests and avoid surprises.

The Solution

CBPM was developed in the mid 1990’s to address the intensifying challenges of delivering quality project outputs faster in all kinds of project environments.  It is a method for planning and executing projects that reliably leads to higher team member productivity and better overall schedule and quality performance.  Participants will learn how to produce and monitor team plans in a way that ensures clarity and quality, and increases the commitment and engagement of each team member.  In the process, they will also learn how to create a deliverables matrix and performance against commitment (pac) charts, using the provided automated spreadsheets.  Team leaders like the approach because it lightens the load of monitoring while yielding a more accurate picture of what is going on.  Team members like it because it creates clarity and focus and inspires each team member to hold him or herself accountable.

What is Included in this Course?

  • One full day workshop to learn the method
  • 4 hours of phone coaching spread over the first 4-6 weeks after the workshop
  • A follow up session with the same participants to share outcomes and lessons learned (probably online)
  • Electronic copy of the CBPM automated spreadsheets
  • Job aids that will assist you in implementing what you learned back on  the job

Who Should Attend this Course?

Project managers with responsibility for whole cross-functional project scope, or team leaders responsible for leading a project sub-team.  Participants should have current responsibility for a project team or sub-team, or be about ready to begin that responsibility so they can put CBPM into practice immediately after the workshop.  Hardware design, consumer product design, software development, construction, R&D, new process development – CBPM is being successfully applied to these and other types of projects.

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