The Complete CBPM Course

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Target Audience:

This course is designed primarily for anyone with leadership responsibility for part of a project, whole projects, or several projects. Much of the course involves a fun, interactive project simulation, so it is also effective in-house with intact project teams.

The Challenge:

Projects take too long and often don’t deliver exactly what was requested (or in some cases, demanded).  Teams are under pressure to work seamlessly together, even though they report to several different departments, or even different enterprises, with different goals.  With hiring down, everyone is overtasked, making it common for things to get dropped.  Project Managers and Team leaders are under pressure to speed the team up but also respond to change requests and avoid surprises.

It is no longer enough to follow proven project management techniques.  Project teams need to be led.  CBPM provides a framework and practices for helping you turn your list of contributors (within and outside the enterprise) into a true team.  Come learn how to turn your project plans into a network of commitments between team members, and then create a climate where people get in the habit of making and meeting commitments.

What to Expect:

When teams convert to a CBPM approach, it is typical for them to see immediate improvements of 30-50% in schedule, quality, or budget performance, or even more likely, a combination of the three.

Commitment-Based Project Management…

  • Builds commitment and trust within a project team while focusing on getting the deliverables done
  • Helps team members see the big picture and work to achieve the larger goal
  • Keeps everyone focused on the next set of deliverables required to stay on track
  • Provides easily manageable tools and method for creating and managing to project plans
  • Is designed to enhance, not necessarily replace the practices already adding value for you

The Complete CBPM Course includes…

  • Two day live workshop with CBPM project simulation (including our Map Day participative planning technique) top casino games for pc
  • CBPM Excel spreadsheets for project tracking and reporting
  • A set of step by step instructions to refer to back on the job
  • Phone coaching from experienced CBPM coaches to help you implement CBPM
  • A closing teleconference where participants share results and lessons learned
  • Pre and post reading materials (including two books to help you master CBPM)

Two Day Workshop Outline:

Day 1:

  • Course orientation and set up
  • Key distinctions for understanding how and why things get done
  • Commitment Conversations
  • Transition to CBPM Practices roulette betting
  • Map Day Simulation

Day 2:

  • Debrief of Map Day technique
  • Turning team plans into personal commitments (lecture and simulation)
  • Weekly commitment reviews (simulation continues) uk bingo sites with deposit bonus
  • Bumps in the Road (Dealing with Breakdowns)
  • Bringing CBPM back to your team (creating a commitment climate)
  • Wrap up and Next Steps (e.g. action planning and what to expect about coaching and closing session winpalace us

For information about registering for the Oct 16-17 Workshop in Bellevue, WA, click here.