Ensemble and ISPI Partner on “Performance-Based” Certification

Managing through commitments is an emerging competence.  Given its track record of producing measurable improvements in performance for nearly 20 years now, we expect it to be a competence in high demand in the not too distant future.  So we’ve begun offering a credential which certifies that you are competent at practicing CBPM.  As a practice, CBPM does not encompass every aspect of project management.  But if you have responsibility for leading teams in a project environment, and even if you have already earned a PM certification, CBPM will help you get better results on those projects. usa casino games

What is a Performance-Based Certification?

Performance based certification means that to be certified in something, you have to actually demonstrate that you can do it (as opposed to passing a written test, for example).  The International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) has been the leading professional organization in human performance improvement since 1962, and they use a performance-based certification for their own members.  Performance based means that what you do to earn a credential is a valid indicator for future performance success.

Ensemble offers 3 CBPM Certifications: video slots

  • Certified CBPM Project Manager
  • Certified CBPM Team Leader
  • Certified CBPM Coach

Ensemble and ISPI have partnered to offer these credentials.  Typically, candidates can meet all the certifications requirements by fully completing Ensemble’s The Complete CBPM Workshop.  However, because this is a performance-based credential, you don’t have to complete courses to earn it.  Anyone who can demonstrate they meet the defined criteria can be certified.  A small administrative fee applies for those who apply outside of our workshops.  Click here to review the certification criteria.

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