Because we are serious about helping you get better results with CBPM, all of our workshops include 4 hours of follow up coaching.  We also offer stand-alone CBPM coaching for individuals who would like to try out CBPM even before attending a CBPM Workshop.  With stand-alone coaching you receive our CBPM Commitment Tracking Tool plus 4 hours of phone or Skype coaching to get you started.

It is one thing to be exposed to new knowledge and skills and it is another to successfully put them into practice on the job.   Ensemble’s one on one phone/Skype coaching provides a crucial aspect of support when you are implementing CBPM for the first time.  Experienced Ensemble coaches will help you prepare for:

  • introducing CBPM to your team,
  • running your first meeting to turn team deliverables into individual commitments,
  • running your first CBPM progress review
  • and other critical points at the outset of implementation.

We package follow up coaching with all of our workshops because we are committed to your success, and because we know it increases the value that you will get out of your workshop dollar.

Stand alone coaching does not replace the experience you will get by attending a workshop with follow up coaching.  However, we know there are sometimes practicalities that prevent people from being able to attend a workshop in a timely fashion.  The stand alone coaching and access to our CBPM Commitment  Tracking Tool is a way for individuals to get started with a small investment and get some improved project results before ever coming to a CBPM Workshop.

We are currently offering a very affordable Stand Alone Coaching package (including CBPM tools).  Contact us today for more information at