Delivering the right outputs at the right time and the right cost continues to be a major challenge in our ever more turbulent global marketplace.  For over 15 years, Ensemble has been helping high stakes projects teams do what they say they will with our Project Acceleration consulting.  We can help you on your critical project right now whether you are just getting started, or in progress and concerned.

Acceleration consulting begins with getting all project contributors together in a planning meeting we call Map Day.  This structured planning meeting starts to build whole team commitment to a full scope, high level project plan – defining who needs to deliver what to whom in order for the project goals to be met.

For larger projects, functional teams are facilitated through a brief follow up process to help turn the high level deliverables into weekly commitments.  Those in leadership roles will learn how to use the CBPM Commitment Tracking Tool to manage frequent progress review meetings.

The agenda and practices in regular progress review meetings are critical because this is where team members experience “how things get done around here”.  Acceleration consulting includes coaching of the leadership before and after these meetings at multiple organizational levels.

As external consultants, Ensemble provides feedback on an ongoing basis on the extent to which teams and leaders are following through on the practices they have decided to change.  This feedback is often critical in creating a space for change to occur in the organization.  Most of Ensemble’s documented Success Stories have come as a result of our Acceleration consulting services.

Map Day Facilitation

Although our two day workshop includes an introduction and practice of the Map Day planning technique, some organizations prefer to have a professional, experienced Map Day facilitator run their first few Map Day planning meetings.  Map Day is a technique we helped develop in the early 1990’s at Intel Corporation and it is used by many organizations today to help teams create plans that are the basis for Commitment-Based Project Management.  We have facilitated these meetings in teams ranging from 7 people to well over 100 people.  It is typical for Map Day participants to say that this one meeting sped up our project by several weeks.  But when combined with the ongoing CBPM practices, the impact is much greater.

Cultivating a Commitment Culture

Sustained change requires more than implementing new behaviors and practices.  For organizations who want to make a bigger commitment to the commitment-based way of working, Ensemble can help you get started on this journey.  The roadmap for sustained change usually begins with an assessment of the current situation and then a choice, first by the leadership of the organization, of whether to commit to change or not.  A combination of education (workshops), consulting and coaching can then be designed for your particular organization.  It will typically involve a process to help all members of the organization take responsibility for “the way things are around here” and what they will do to change it.

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