CBPM Commitment Tracking Tools

CBPM follows the same fundamental structure of other project management approaches, but it’s power comes from different conversations, different language and a few critically different practices.  To support these differences, we have our own  toolset for CBPM monitoring and reporting purposes.  These tools can be used instead of, or in addition to the tools you put your trust in today.  We provide this Excel based toolset as a component of each of our different Ensemble services.  The tools themselves are deceptively simple.  They are part of the overall CBPM strategy of getting the right people talking about the right things, in the right way. Attendees of our CBPM Workshops and presentations consistently tell us they see considerable value in the tools and our simple rules for using them effectively.

CBPM Job Aids

Participants in our workshops are also provided with a set of job aids.  These are brief documents designed to assist you in preparing for and performing specific aspects of CBPM correctly every time.  They boil down the procedural parts of the workshops into specific steps to follow along with reminders of key principles relevant to certain steps.  They have been designed and tested by experienced instructional and performance experts.

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