Mind-the-Mindset and the Planet

We have been facilitating change since the mid 1990’s when we had the opportunity to study a dynamic that was sapping the commitment out of prime talent in one of Intel’s key product groups.  Once we helped them understand it, the projects suffering the most were able to re-establish team commitment and shine like they [...]

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The Ultimate Level of Commitment and Accountablity: Team Ownership

When you look around your organization at employee performance - what do you see? You probably see a bell-shaped curve with very low and very high performance on the ends of the bell curve and a continuum of mediocre or average performance throughout the middle of the bell curve where the majority of your employee’s [...]

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4 Radically Practical Strategies to Elicit Commitment & Accountability in Today’s Climate of Change and Disruption

It is challenging to get people’s attention in this age of information overload. If the title of this article got your attention, it probably means you are experiencing the turbulent environment of overwhelm and change that many companies of all sizes are experiencing today. Do you ever feel like you are experiencing Class III, IV [...]

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Trust on Teams (Part III): Accountability…The Final Frontier

When things aren’t going well, particularly closer to the top of the organization, there can be a rush to hold someone to account.  Accountability is an important aspect of high performing teams. And if you are truly interested in trust and accountability, what we’ve been talking about in the first two parts of this 3 [...]

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Trust on Teams (Part II): So You Think You Got a Commitment…

That is a common mistake we all make as leaders and team members. We send an email with a request or even make a verbal request of someone and then we make the assumption that it is going to get done unless we hear otherwise. And thus begins the cycle of commitment and accountability…not! This [...]

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Trust on Teams: Where to Begin?

Few would argue with the statement “trust is important to building teams”. At the same time, there are a variety of definitions of trust and different theories for how to best produce it. It is difficult to resolve these differences definitively because trust is difficult to measure. So what should you do if you need [...]

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You Promised We’d Do What by When?!

Have you ever promised to do something substantial for someone without first figuring out how you can possibly get it done? Most likely you have. People do this all the time. When we really care about something, even when it is daunting, we make bold and unmitigated commitments. You’ve probably seen organization leaders do this [...]

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What’s Commitment Got to Do With It?

Commitment has pretty much everything to do with it when we are talking about achieving the highest level of success. It doesn’t matter whether it is personal success, relationship success, team success, project success or organization-wide success. Barring any unexpected, out-of-our control events, 99.9% of us are going to do whatever it takes to [...]

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On time Delivery: Commitments vs. Commands

What difference does it make if you request when a team can complete a project rather than telling them when it has to be done? After all, the difference seems pretty semantic. We have been helping teams shift from a task focus to deliverable requests and commits as an ongoing practice for complex project teams [...]

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