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Ensemble’s overall intent is to help create and cultivate cultures of commitment and accountability. We have documented dozens of cases where team productivity has increased measurably by at least 25% simply by implementing our Commitment-Based Project Management (CBPM) structure. In CBPM team members have clarity and alignment about what it is they need to produce in the upcoming days and weeks. In our two-day CBPM Workshop, we introduce the CBPM concepts and tools and get project managers practicing them in a safe environment.

About 8 hours of follow up coaching is typically included for some or all of the participants to make sure they get off to a strong start with their teams. Upon completion of the CBPM workshop, project managers have what they need to begin implementing CBPM on their teams, including the important step of enrolling their teams in a new set of practices.*

Key topics in our two-day CBPM Workshop:

  • Operating from commitment vs compliance and other critical distinctions
  • Shifting the language of team planning from past to future focused
  • Planning deliverables vs tasks
  • Map Day simulation
  • Managing the outputs of Map Day (with the CBPM toolset)
  • Running the look ahead project review meeting (e.g. deliverables matrix and PAC Chart)
  • Conversations to manage breakdowns to increase commitment and accountability
  • Enrolling your team to get started with CBPM

Typical class size is 20-30 participants. Leadership team members often participate in this training so they are prepared to model and reinforce the proper use of commitment-based practices.

* Note: Most will still need some Ensemble support to run Map Days with groups larger than 5-7 people.

Sample Screens of Online CBPM Tool

Deliverables Map: hovering over two deliverables

Deliverables Matrix Report (before commit dates)

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