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Radically Practical Strategies for Creating Commitment & Accountability in a Climate of Change and Disruption


This is a group coaching program for leaders who want to ensure that their organizations don’t just “survive” but instead “thrive” in today’s business climate. Leaders will be able to create teams of employees that are truly committed and accountable, which is what it takes to operate successfully and sustainably in the world of “overwhelm”, time pressure and disruption that many businesses of all sizes seem to be living in today.

What does it mean for an organization to thrive? It means employees are truly engaged and behave like “owners” of the team’s or organization’s outcomes, not like cogs in a wheel of which they have little or no control. When employees operate like owners, performance goes up, revenues go up, and satisfaction of all stakeholders, including customers, goes up.

We provide leaders with four strategies that work together to form a holistic approach to leading and creating climates of commitment and accountability. One of the important structures in this program is that the leader becomes a role model, incorporating these strategies into his or her own practices and behaviors first, and then learns how to apply the strategies with their organizations and/or teams.

Who is this program for?

Senior leaders (senior managers, directors, VPs and C-level executives) who are ready and willing to enhance their own capacity to thrive as well as that of their teams and/or organizations.

What will you leave with?

Key strategies and practices that involve the whole person – one’s head, heart and mind – to elicit commitment and accountability. The strategies focus on:

  • Engaging our own and our employees purpose and passion (heart)
  • Managing our energy and priorities to be in the zone of peak performance (body)
  • Building flexible and adaptive mindsets (head)
  • Holding key conversations for commitment and managing breakdowns (head, heart and body)

When implemented, these strategies will positively impact you and your organization’s sustainability and performance. Are you up for the challenge?

How is this program offered?

This program is offered in a group/team coaching format in which participants (leaders from one or more organizations) meet once per month for six months (3 – 4 hour sessions per month). Practice assignments and exercises that can be directly applied on the job are provided between sessions. This program can be offered in alternative time frames if needed.

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