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Why Ensemble: Strategic Advantages


We all know trust is fundamental to excellent team performance. Not everyone realizes that building trust requires team members to deliberately make and monitor commitments to each other. Ensemble has been helping its customers put commitments into action since its inception in 1998. We do this by helping organization leaders and project teams learn how to make effective requests and provide only valid responses. Trust is built by being able to ask powerful questions and truly listen to each other’s thoughts and ideas. Trust is built by leaders and teams actually doing what they say they are going to do.


Many corporate cultures suffer from a plague of what we call “shallow commitments”. People are buried under full plates and full calendars, but they continue to say yes in response to just about any request. They do this because it “it is just not acceptable to say No” or simply because they don’t want to let anyone down. Of course, they do let people down, and in a more damaging way by letting commitments slip by the wayside.

The practice of ongoing commitment conversations provides the basis for the other conversations that enhance ownership and accountability. Examples of those other simple conversations include: early warnings, acknowledgment of completion, responsible complaints and the breakdown conversations.

What if every member of your organization at every level provided early warnings of a potential missed commitment instead of missing the due date and hoping it is not noticed? What if they were able and willing to hold each other accountable to those commitments? And what if that translated into teams reliably making and meeting commitments to your customers? This is what it looks like to have a culture of excellent commitment and accountability. And this is what Ensemble helps you to integrate into your leadership and teams.


Many organizations today share a real concern about how to better manage the finite resources that are key to their vision and customers.

Our shared future depends on increasing our commitment and innovation in sustaining these resources. We assert that organizations should have the same commitment to the sustainability of their people. Human beings are not finite resources. They are capable of generating infinite innovation, ideas and breakthroughs in productivity. But as is evident in the employee engagement research, most organizations are not seeing those results today.

Sustainable workforces begin with sustainable leadership. Ensemble offers a six-module group coaching program to cultivate leaders who understand their role in creating sustainable cultures of commitment and accountability. This program is entitled Radically Practical Strategies for Creating Commitment & Accountability in a Climate of Change and Disruption. These strategies encompass ways to engage the head, heart and body, ours and others, to gain real commitment and accountability. Do each of your leaders recognize that the whole person needs to be engaged and do they effectively lead with their head, heart and body?