We partner with leaders and their team
to create cultures of commitment and

We train, consult, coach, facilitate to
achieve excellence and sustainable
behaviors and results.

What We Do

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Creating cultures of commitment and accountability is not a one size fits all endeavor. Therefore, we will generally begin with an assessment to learn about the organizational culture, understand current performance, current practices, and any existing concerns. We typically utilize interviews and focus groups to do this type of assessment with a subset of your leaders and individual contributors.

Leadership Conversations for Alignment and Sustainability

After needs and gaps have been identified, Ensemble facilitates conversations with leaders about the current culture in your organization and how it aligns with and/or hinders what it takes to operate with a commitment-based approach. These conversations also include identifying the leadership’s role in creating this way of operating and any action steps that need to be taken on the part of leaders to move forward successfully.

Project Manager and Team Training and Coaching *

Rather than take people off the job for training, we begin by shifting the conversations in existing forums and meetings (when appropriate introducing a new forum for projects called Map Day ). Within these forums new conversations, distinctions and tools will be introduced that will support commitment and accountability practices. While Ensemble is coaching teams into these new conversations, we will also be coaching individual project managers and/or leaders to observe when key conversations are missing, and how to introduce and lead those conversations.

Ensemble also offers a two-day workshop called Commitment-Based Project Management (CBPM) for groups of project managers, functional managers and/or team leaders. This training is paired with individual coaching sessions to help the leaders/managers implement CBPM with their teams. In conjunction with this, Ensemble can provide project team kickoff sessions to help the project manager or leader enroll the teams in CBPM, create team operating principles and facilitate a Map Day to align and involve the team on the high level project plan.

Our clients typically report an immediate bump in productivity and obvious change to the day to day practices within the first few weeks of implementation. In 2-3 months, increases in commitments met will be very visible. Truly meeting these commitments throughout the project results in measurably improved quality of end products.

Leadership Group Coaching Program

Leaders can also learn what is required to cultivate cultures of commitment and accountability in our leadership program: Radically Practical Strategies for Creating Commitment & Accountability in a Climate of Change and Disruption. In this course, leaders will learn and practice strategies to operate successfully and sustainably in the world of constant change, overwhelm and increasing complexity. The strategies will help leaders engage hearts, minds and bodies of employees to create a culture of commitment & accountability.

Not A One Size Fits All Approach

Ensemble customizes our work with organizations to best fit your needs and structure. Some leaders choose to begin implementing this approach at the project team level. A project can be a microcosm for understanding how our commitment-based leadership and team practices would impact the whole organization. Other organizations start training and coaching of the concepts and behaviors at the leadership team level. Both are effective, as long as it is understood that the practices are only sustainable when all members of the organization, department or team are working to put them into practice together.

* Ensemble has specialized in project-oriented environments, and, what we describe here can and has also been applied to process teams and other types of work teams.