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Ensemble has been helping leaders and their teams make and meet bold commitments to their customers and each other since 1998. The habits of making only strong commitments and managing those commitments impeccably leads to teams that are both fully accountable and fully engaged. This is particularly important in today’s world of rapid change and disruption.

Ensemble created the first commitment-based project methodology along with a unique team feedback mechanism for showing the extent to which project teams have done, and are likely to, do what they say they will. This method was developed and evolved in companies like Intel, Hewlett Packard and Google, as well as fast paced startups.

Over the years, we’ve learned that our commitment-based structure is just the beginning. The structure provokes the conversations that are necessary for groups to become teams, and for teams to begin to take full ownership for the satisfaction of their customers. And there is no greater satisfaction than to be part of a successful team. We also expanded our scope beyond projects, learning that ultimately, the conversations at the leadership level need to also change to ensure a culture of commitment and accountability.

If you are looking for an experienced partner to help your team or organization succeed on the journey to excellence, we would love an opportunity to have a conversation with you. Contact Us for a no obligation initial consultation to see if we can help you produce the results you need for your continued growth and success.